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Redefining Healthcare Delivery

Examine trends in healthcare leading to the (re)emergence of home healthcare.

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"Producing" a Successful Internal Innovation Pr...

Key considerations for healthcare organizations to execute a successful internal innovation program.

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Improving Innovation Consumption at Your Organi...

Key considerations for healthcare organizations to improve the sourcing and selection process through an external innovation pr...


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Technologists at the Healthcare Gate: The Rise of Innovation Collaborations

by Matty Francis 07/16/2018

Healthcare executive inboxes across the country are filled with newsletters highlighting articles that cry, “Apple, Google, and Amazon are coming for your physicians and patients!” Between the attractive growth opportunity offered by the massive $3.3 trillion US healthcare market, and the aging technology infrastructure, tech companies are eagerly making plans to solve the persisting problems in healthcare. Incumbent healthcare executives have every right to be nervous.

Healthbox is Hiring: Manager, Innovation Consulting

by Healthbox 07/12/2018

Healthbox is seeking a creative, passionate, and driven professional with a deep understanding of healthcare to join our Innovation Consulting team. The position would be focused on supporting and delivering many of our innovation services.

Is Venture Investing a Good Fit for Your Health System? Considerations for Provider Funds (Part 1 of 2)

by Healthbox 07/10/2018

Recently, many health systems have invested in digital health companies. Given the continued growth in healthcare venture investing, we examined some of the primary benefits that health systems reap from participating in venture programs and identified the main drivers behind the recent increase in investing among provider organizations.


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