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Redefining Healthcare Delivery

Examine trends in healthcare leading to the (re)emergence of home healthcare.

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"Producing" a Successful Internal Innovation Pr...

Key considerations for healthcare organizations to execute a successful internal innovation program.

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Improving Innovation Consumption at Your Organi...

Key considerations for healthcare organizations to improve the sourcing and selection process through an external innovation pr...


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Considerations for Provider Funds: External Management Options (Part 2 of 2)

by Healthbox 08/13/2018

In Part I of our series on strategic venture programs we explored some of the reasons behind health systems’ recent interest in venture activities, reasons to create a venture program, and considerations for choosing between internal and external fund management teams. In Part II, we examine two options available should you choose to partner with a third-party fund manager: traditional multi-LP funds and Collaborative Investment Vehicles.

Build as a Last Resort

by Healthbox 08/08/2018

When working with organizations aiming to produce innovation, our team relentlessly advises our partners to “build as a last resort.” At face value, this advice may seem counterintuitive; however, we aren’t saying organizations shouldn’t build products to take to market. Rather, before setting out on the path to do so, they should think long and hard about how their internal solutions will compete in “the wild” with existing products.

Healthbox is Hiring: Associate, Innovation Consulting

by Healthbox 08/01/2018

Healthbox is seeking a creative, detail-oriented professional with a passion for healthcare to join our Innovation Consulting team. The position would be focused on supporting many of our innovation services, including Foundry, Commercialization Analysis, Catalyst, Digital Strategy, Workshops, and others.


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