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With the increasing number of healthcare entrepreneurs entering the market and the amount of capital being deployed by investors, cutting through the noise to identify compelling solutions can be challenging. Healthbox draws on our deep connections in the entrepreneurial ecosystem to source, evaluate, and invest in innovative solutions that align with your organization's strategic goals. Utilizing our collaborative management structure, we build partnerships that drive stakeholder engagement, create new strategic value, and generate strong financial returns.

Intermountain Healthcare Innovation Fund

As part of our relationship with Intermountain Healthcare, a not-for-profit health system based in Salt Lake City, UT, Healthbox managed the Intermountain Innovation Fund. The Fund’s mission was to source, evaluate, and invest in innovative companies that represented a high return, high growth opportunity and that aligned with Intermountains mission of helping people live the healthiest lives possible. The Fund invested in a promising portfolio that has demonstrated strong financial performance as well as positively impacted Intermountain’s ability to deliver care. Some highlights of benefits realized by Intermountain through close engagement with their portfolio companies:

  • Syapse provides a precision medicine data platform enabling healthcare providers to use molecular profiling to diagnose and treat patients. The company has helped Intermountain extend the life expectancy of Stage 4 cancer patients as published in ASCO.
  • Zebra Medical Vision uses big data to deliver large scale clinical research platforms and next generation imaging analytics services to the healthcare industry. The company has helped Intermountain improve their process of reviewing imaging study reports.
  • Circulation allows healthcare organizations to more efficiently utilize medical transportation in a simple and cost-effective manner. The company has allowed Intermountain to decrease costs through more efficient and transparent transportation logistics.
  • Sera Prognostics, a women’s health company, develops innovative diagnostic tests focused on the early prediction of preterm birth risk and other complications of pregnancy. In 2018, the company kicked off a clinical trial with Intermountain with a primary goal of determining whether doctors can reduce the rate of preterm births.

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Since running our first program in 2012, Healthbox has invested in 90 Accelerator and Studio alumni from around the world, whose products range from medical devices to cutting-edge health IT software. We continue to evaluate investments up to $100k in Healthbox program participants when there is strategic alignment with the needs of our partner organizations.

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