Healthbox Webinar: "Harnessing Big Data in Healthcare"

by Healthbox01-10-2019


Healthbox Webinar: "Harnessing Big Data in Healthcare"

Healthbox Webinar: Harnessing Big Data in Healthcare

Thursday, January 31 | 12:00PM CST

The evolution of sensors, smart phones, medical devices, and wearables all collecting and uploading information in real-time has led to the rapid accumulation of health-related data, or Big Data. The sheer volume, velocity, and variety of the data being collected poses challenges for harnessing and ensuring its validity to benefit both the macro, population-level health and the micro, evidence-based precision medicine. 

Join Dr. Eric Louie, Chief Medical Officer, and Jessica Baker, Associate, as they discuss changes in healthcare data over time and how to overcome human biases, curate meaningful data sets, and better inform actionable decisions in the healthcare setting. 

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