Healthbox Launches Horizon Scan, a Platform to Optimize Solution Sourcing for Healthcare Organizations

by Healthbox04-18-2017


Healthbox Launches Horizon Scan, a Platform to Optimize Solution Sourcing for Healthcare Organizations

Healthbox is thrilled to announce the official launch of Healthbox Horizon Scan. Horizon Scan is a sourcing tool that provides healthcare organizations with a platform to find and evaluate innovative digital health solutions. 

“With a myriad of vendors in the market, organizations face challenges in finding the technologies best fit to advance strategic and operational initiatives,” said Neil Patel, Healthbox President, “Horizon Scan will help teams successfully navigate the digital heath landscape with added confidence and speed.”

Many healthcare organizations are currently faced with tenuous profit margins and an uncertain regulatory landscape while attempting to transition toward value based care. Implementing the right digital health solutions can help address these challenges and improve the cost and quality of healthcare overall. While organizations recognize the need to innovate, they find it difficult to filter through the thousands of solutions on the market and vet the best products in a timely and efficient manner. The process is cumbersome for both parties; vendors with high impact solutions can quickly lose traction without brand validation and prolong the already lengthy sales cycle. 

“Getting the introduction to the right group of people within a hospital is key,” said John Hui, co-founder of early stage company Twiage and angel investor. “The lower the communication barrier the better.” 

Healthbox recognized the need for a curated and objective platform to enable confident decision-making. Horizon Scan will provide users direct access to Healthbox expertise, leveraging the company’s experience evaluating thousands of early stage companies for accelerator programs, investment decisions, and sourcing vendor solutions on behalf of industry partners. The platform features company profiles on vetted solutions, comprehensive industry reports, and a community network to engage with other users and the Healthbox team. 

Organizations can request a complimentary trial of the platform here


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