Healthbox and Intermountain Healthcare to Co-Present at Stanford Medicine X

by Kristen Lux07-24-2017


Healthbox and Intermountain Healthcare to Co-Present at Stanford Medicine X

Healthbox and Intermountain Healthcare will co-present on "Prioritizing Internal Health System Innovation to Drive Improved Outcomes, Reduce Costs, and Commercialize Employee Ideas" at the 2017 Stanford Medicine X Conference this September. The session will be presented by Neil Patel, President, Healthbox and Randy Block, Commercialization Director, Intermountain Healthcare. 

In 2014, Intermountain Healthcare aimed to enhance its innovation strategy by partnering with Healthbox to launch the Intermountain Foundry, a rigorous, transparent and data driven approach towards the evaluation and selection of employee-led ideas for mentoring and resourcing. Since then, Intermountain Healthcare has run three Programs. 135 ideas have been submitted, representing 17 of its 22 hospitals. The number and diversity of applicants have risen each year. There has also been a progressive increase in the maturity and quality of projects and increasing focus on promotion of the patient experience. Intermountain Healthcare leadership believes that the Foundry has clearly strengthened the organization’s innovation strategy and its ability to better serve its patients.

The presentation will take place on Saturday, September 16 at 12:20PM PT. 

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