Episode 8: Stuart Frost of Frost Data Capital

by Chuck Feerick01-25-2017


Episode 8: Stuart Frost of Frost Data Capital

On this week’s episode I spoke with Stuart Frost, Managing Partner & CEO at Frost Data Capital, as the last interview in our series on Remote Monitoring. Stuart is a highly successful, serial high-tech entrepreneur with more than 20 years' experience in the technology market, having been founder and CEO of 2 companies before working at Microsoft. Stuart founded Frost Data Capital, a combined incubator and venture capital firm, in 2011. To date, at Frost DC, Stuart has founded 27 Big Data analytics companies, of which 19 are still in operation, 5 of those being in healthcare.

In our conversation, Stuart and I discuss:

  • Stuart’s background and how he came to found Frost Data Capital
  • Frost’s Approach and it’s process and principles
    • Parallel entrepreneurship
  • Why Stuart is focused on Big Data
  • How Frost Data Capital’s investment in Sentrian came to be and how Sentrian works
  • What Sentrian does differently that made Stuart say “yes”
  • How Sentrian leverages Big Data
  • Where Stuart sees the remote monitoring space going in the future
  • Frost Data Capital’s recent partnership with DST and it’s importance in the value-based healthcare space

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