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Founded in 2011, Healthbox is a platform for healthcare innovation and entrepreneurship. Healthbox works with leading healthcare organizations to advance an innovation strategy that supports a culture of idea generation, business creation, and entrepreneurial collaboration to foster sustainable impact. We believe that innovation needs to be cultivated from the inside and out to drive meaningful results. The Healthbox team is proud to partner with institutions across the country who share our passion for harnessing and advancing solutions to empower the reinvention of healthcare.

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Healthbox Is Your Trusted Innovation Partner

Healthbox launched as one of the first healthcare-focused accelerator programs, with the goal of helping entrepreneurs navigate the complex industry and grow successful businesses. Through our programs, we have sourced over 2,500 early-stage companies from around the world and engaged closely with more than 160 companies, gaining insights into entrepreneurial trends, business models, and success factors for building sustainable businesses in healthcare. Further, through sourcing and evaluating innovation on behalf of leading industry organizations, our team became equipped with industry context, enabling us to understand which innovations will "work" inside your organization. This dual industry (internal)/market (external) knowledge is what sets us apart from other organizations and continues to drive results with our partners.


Nick Rosa

Co-Founder & Managing Director, Sandbox Industries and Cultivian Sandbox Ventures

Mary Tolan

Founder & Co-Managing Partner, Chicago Pacific Founders

Matt Downs

Managing Director, Sandbox Industries

Bert Zimmerli

Senior Vice President & CFO, Intermountain Healthcare

Carl McDonald

Divisional Senior Vice President, Treasury, Investments, and Business Development, HCSC

Naveed Anwar

CFO, MagMutual


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